Contributor: Elias Ayala

Elias Ayala is a Christian apologist and a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Arts in Theological Studies & Master of Divinity. Growing up in a Christian home he always had a love for the scriptures and asking deep questions. However, in his early years in college, he was challenged in his faith by a skeptical professor who caused him to doubt the biblical record. In a quest for answers he was drawn into research and discovered the field of apologetics, where he was exposed to the many great writers of the Christian faith as well as their answers to some of life’s profound questions. Through his studies he has come to realize the importance of “always being ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us” (1 Peter 3:15) and continues to encourage others to genuinely know and defend the Christian faith.

Elias Ayala lives on Long Island, New York with his wife and two children. He is currently a Middle and High School teacher at a Christian private school and a Youth Director at his local church as well as a new team member to the Historical Bible Society. His areas of interest and study include: The Doctrine of Creation, Reformed Soteriology, and Apologetic Methodology. Eli is also a traveling speaker and enjoys sharing with others how to defend the Christian faith in a way that is both effective and God-honoring.

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