Contributor: Daniel P. Buttafuoco

Born in the 1950’s, Daniel Buttafuoco, was brought up in a Christian home of Ministers and Missionaries. With a family history rooted deeply in faith and spending most of his life defending people in a courtroom, it seemed only natural for Dan to pursue a Masters Degree in Theology. His once teacher now friend, Ravi Zacharias, inspired Dan to continue in his pursuit of helping others defend their faith and to truly understand why they believe, what they believe.

Dan was forever transformed with the acquisition of his very first ancient Bible, the 1560 Geneva. Founder of the Historical Bible Society, he is committed to the task of preserving ancient Biblical texts & manuscripts for both study and reference. To aid in this cause, Dan, founded Several organizations and campaigns: Historical Bible Society, YCL Scholarship (a $500,000 commitment to support the next generation of Christian professionals in every sector of society) and The Five Reasons: Bible Tour presenting the five reasons “Why the Bible is the most Important Book You’ll Ever Read.”

His own path eventually led him to become one of the most respected Personal Injury attorneys in the country. To date, his firm has helped injured victims recover over $450 Million (with record settlements in the tristate area), was voted Best Lawyer five years in a row and received the prestigious Super Lawyer certificate (awarded to the country’s top 5% attorneys).

He is a regular guest on many New York City radio stations, (WMCA, STAR 99.1, WLIX) as a legal authority, philanthropist and defender of the faith. Dan has toured the country with a traveling museum of preserved ancient Biblical texts & manuscripts with the mission of making the Word of God as accessible as possible to the people of God.

Dan and his wife Cindi, have 3 daughters, one of whom is an Associate Attorney at Buttafuoco & Associates and the mother of triplets. Dan has five grandchildren.

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