Christianity: A Complete System

It is the mark of a false worldview to be an intellectually disjointed system. As every system of thought must do, an unproven axiom is presupposed, and the remainder of the worldview is deduced from that axiom. The axiom of a worldview is its ultimate foundation or starting point. However, when a person adopts beliefs not consistent or logically deduced from their affirmed axiom, then disjointed and inconsistent thinking results. For instance, if someone begins their thinking from the axiom of empiricism (all knowledge comes from sense experience: touch, smell, taste, sight, etc.) yet they hold to an independent belief that suggests that knowledge can be attained independent of sense experience; hence, there is an inconsistency in their thinking. In other words, the person affirms that all knowledge comes through the senses, while at the same time holding to the belief that some things can be known apart from sense experience. The inconsistency is obvious. Since inconsistencies cannot be true, then it follows that the sort of “strict empiricism” described above, must be false.

Any worldview worth its salt must pass the test of logical consistency. Unlike unbiblical and unbelieving worldview systems, Christianity is a complete logical system. It begins with an axiom and from that foundation, constructs the rest of the elements deduced from that foundation. The Christian axiom is that the Bible is the Word of God written. The Bible as a revelation from God to us is accepted on its own authority given the fact that to evaluate it based upon a standard more fundamental would be to deny the ultimate authority of God’s own Word as our axiom. If we accept the Christian axiom, the rest of our worldview falls in place in that the Bible provides for us the fundamental ingredients for a logically consistent worldview. Christianity is a complete logical system in which its individual parts are consistent with its foundation.

The logical consistency of the Christian worldview is derived from the fact that the scriptures upon which the Christian worldview is based, reflects the very mind of God who is Himself logical. The logical nature of God is not only provided for throughout the pages of scripture, but His logical essence is seen most clearly in the Person of Jesus Christ, who is himself the divine logos: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The word for “WORD” in greek is logos. Interestingly enough, “In the beginning was the Logic” is not itself a bad translation of John 1:1. If it is an aspect of God’s nature to be logical, then His Word will be by necessity, logically consistent since it is a reflection of God’s mind and thoughts, revealed to us in written form. While the Bible is not a textbook on logic, it most definitely provides for us a logically consistent worldview perspective since whether by direct teaching, or indirect teaching, it touches on all aspects of reality; and hence provides for us a complete system of thought adequate to help us make sense of reality and our place in it.

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