Do Young Earth Creationists Deny Science?

First, how is one defining science? If science is a method of investigating the natural world, then no, YEC’s do not deny science. However, if one defines science in such a way that necessitates the exclusion of God, then yes. For the biblical Christian, there is no area of thought that is conceived of as independent from the triune God who provides the necessary foundation for all intellectual endeavors. The Christian does not agree with the much assumed methodological atheism/agnosticism that is inherent in secular scientific methodology. For many, science requires an “objective” and intellectually “neutral” starting point that “allows” the scientist to follow the evidence where it leads. However, such a methodology does not represent the situation accurately.

As I have expressed in past articles, there is no neutrality in our thinking. Everyone begins with a worldview perspective in terms of which all of reality is interpreted. It is because of these worldview assumptions that the secularist and the biblical Christian come to starkly different conclusions; especially in the realm of scientific inquiry and interpretation of the data. Unfortunately many secularists are not aware of the foundational importance of worldviews and intellectual starting points; and for this reason often accuse the creationist of rejecting science. However, it is not science that is rejected, but the bias and unbiblical interpretations of the data that the scientist works with. As a piece of advise to budding Christian apologists: It is not enough to engage in a fact war with the unbeliever.

Facts are often presented in an independent and disconnected fashion as though the particular fact in question is not connected to a wider worldview perspective. Indeed, it is one’s worldview that gives coherence and understanding to particular facts. A worldview informs one’s “theory” of fact and what makes a fact a fact; along with the interconnected beliefs that provide a justification for the fact. Remember, that a worldview is not only the intellectual lens through which all of reality is interpreted, but this worldview consists of a “network” of beliefs that are joined together and give meaning and context to each and every belief that we hold.

Hence, to be an effective apologist, it is not only helpful to memorize some relevant facts, but it is even more vitally important to understand how what one calls a fact is connected to their worldview foundations. An effective apologist will not tirelessly engage in a fact war, but rather, he will attack the foundations of the worldview perspective that gives meaning to the individual belief the person is putting forth that is contrary to the Christian worldview.

All this to say: No, the (YEC) does not deny science, but they do define science is such a way that is consistent with their worldview commitments and hence do not allow the skeptic to high jack the term and use it for their own means. As to Christians who are Old Earth Creationists in their perspective; the same applies to the thrust of this article. Both the YEC and the OEC desire to have their worldview grounded in the authoritative Word of God, and so the disagreement between brothers and sisters in Christ should be resolved via looking honestly and closely at the scriptures. While not all Christians will agree on every point of doctrine, we do strive to be consistent on the essentials.

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