Receive your LIMITED EDITION Genealogy of Jesus Christ!

The genealogy of Jesus Christ is arguably one of the most important proofs for his claims to be Messiah. To fit the bill, prophesied in the sacred Scriptures, certain specific key lines of descent were necessary for Messiah to fulfill in order to validate his claim to the throne of the Universe.

Since all of the Jewish genealogical records were destroyed by the Romans when the sacred Temple was destroyed in AD 70 there is no possible way for any future claimants to this title can prove their lineage.

Nor is it necessary.

Jesus of Nazareth (aka “The Christ”) fits the bill perfectly.

Thanks to the Holy Scriptures, completed in the first century with the writings of the New Testament, we have preserved the very lineage of Jesus Christ ALL THE WAY BACK TO ADAM AND EVE!

Presented here in graphic, artistic format, we proudly present the “family tree” of Jesus Christ.