The Irrationality of Atheism

By Elias Ayala (MDiv & M.A.T.)

The Irrationality of AtheismThe purpose of this article is not to suggest that atheists are stupid, unintelligent, or unable to contribute intellectually to the world. Indeed, there have been many atheists throughout history that have done much to contribute to fields like science, history, philosophy, and philanthropy. In the area of the intellect, educated atheists are often very good with the “details”. Some often wax eloquent on sophisticated discussions concerning biological evolution, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics. They can often dive deep into discussions of sophisticated philosophical theories and concepts relating to metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. The point here is not to suggest that all atheists are intellectual slouches. In regards to many of those details, atheists can be very intellectually astute and scholarly rigorous in their studies.

However, the primitive aspect of the atheistic mind comes in their irrational intellectual framework or worldview perspective which is often riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies. For instance, let us take a quick look at some mundane examples. On the one hand the atheist will attend funerals and fight for the value of people with disabilities. They will treat people as though they have intrinsic value and dignity. Yet, in a different context they will argue that man is no different than the animals, a by-product of a blind evolutionary process. Sure, we are “more” complex perhaps than the animals, but we are animals nonetheless, here for no ultimate purpose and will one day go out of existence through extinction in which all our hopes, dreams, and aspirations will come to naught.

Or again, in the area of sexual ethics we will be told that people should be free to express themselves sexually however they wish. There are no absolute morals, indeed morality is subjective. Yet, after having said this, they will turn around and condemn child molestation, and other sexual and moral atrocities. Again, the atheist should be applauded for condemning such sexually reprehensible acts, but the condemning of such acts is in conflict with an atheistic outlook of the world, at least if they are asserting that such acts are “objectively” worthy of condemnation.

Or again, we will be told that the universe is not governed by a rational mind but by random happenings. There is no ultimate rationality behind the universe. Rather, we live in a world of randomness and chance. Yet, in the field of science the atheist will look to the tools of rationality to discover consistency and regularity in the universe. One must observe the irrational inconsistency of stating that we live in a random/chance universe, yet, expect regularity and consistency in our scientific investigations and everyday lives.

Atheists are walking contradictions in that while they state a belief in one thing, they do not nor can they live consistently with what they profess. While professing that man is nothing more than the by-product of a blind evolutionary process, they do not live that way and they often will treat their fellow man as though he has intrinsic value and dignity. In morality, they will say anything goes yet condemn certain acts as objectively immoral. The inconsistencies go on and on. The point here is not to focus on any particular atheist per say, but to point out that atheists are operating on a deficient worldview perspective and that is why these inconsistencies arise between what they believe and how they act. If these inconsistencies arise because of a deficient worldview outlook, it would seem clear that such an outlook should be abandoned.



1. Not all atheists believe the same things. However, the statement here is relevant to every atheistic perspective since it is my contention that no atheistic perspective has an adequate rational worldview context out which they can make sense of the “specifics” of any field of knowledge and study.
2. There are atheists who hold to objective morality, but upon closer examination, they are unable to ground them from within an atheistic outlook.

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