Can You Defend Your Worldview Based on Something Other Than the Bible?

I received this question while on a Q & A panel at an Apologetics conference. I had just finished giving a talk on the topic of the superiority of the Christian worldview; and so I had placed great emphasis and importance on the “biblical framework” when interpreting and understanding reality. So I would like to clarify my position on the use of the Bible when defending the Christian worldview. I do not typically quote scripture to the unbeliever when I am sharing my faith, although, I do believe there is a time for such use of the Bible. I have no problem appealing to science, philosophy, history and the like. However, I try and do this while presenting such areas of thought within the biblical framework of reality. It is my position that this must be done since I do not believe that any other worldview perspective can give science, philosophy, and history the meaning that it has. These various disciplines do not exist in a vacuum. They are not fields of study that are neutral and independent of worldview considerations.

Whatever meaning that is assigned to science, philosophy, and history is going to be dependent upon worldview considerations; and hence, my commitment to Jesus Christ and His revealed Word is not compromised or set aside when I am sharing my faith with others. When I speak on science, I present it within the realm of my christian worldview. When I engage in philosophical reasoning, I seek to do so in a way that does not compromise my Christian commitments within the realm of reason. When I present historical data pertinent to the apologetical task, I offer such material within the intellectual framework of the Christian worldview because I do not believe that “history” as a discipline has coherent meaning apart from a Christian understanding of God’s sovereign plan which unfolds in such a way that accomplishes His decrees. I do not believe for instance that the study of history is the study of certain disjointed and meaningless facts. I believe history has meaning and it has a purpose; because I believe a sovereign God controls history and moves the course of human events towards a particular end.

So in short, I can defend the Christian worldview without quoting scripture. I can appeal to all the various fields of knowledge and inquiry, but I do not do so independent of the Christian worldview perspective which is given to me through the scriptures. The Scriptures provide for me the worldview framework by which all fields of knowledge and inquiry make sense. I take very seriously the passage, that “in Christ is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3). Hence, if such a statement is true, why would I seek to defend my faith on some other foundation than on God’s sure Word? To build on any other foundation would be to build a foundation of moving sand.

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