How Theology Affects Our Politics and Parenting

By L. Alfred James Is theology really all that important? Isn’t the study of biblical doctrine just the concoction of airy-fairy spiritual notions that have nothing to do with everyday life? Not at all. The greatest proof of the practical

What the Fall Teaches Us About Economics

By L. Alfred James You might not realize this, but your views on economics are driven by your beliefs about human nature. If you believe that human beings are naturally good, you will probably be a socialist (though you might

Why Religious Teaching Doesn’t Change You

By L. Alfred James Have you ever wondered why toddlers never need to be taught to smack their siblings? Or why elementary school children never need to be taught to be selfish and refuse to share? In fact, why is

Why Does the Doctrine of the Fall Matter?

By L. Alfred James Recently, we’ve seen that there is something very wrong with the human race. In the last couple of months, we’ve seen that human beings are not good by nature. Indeed, our experience is more like that

The Secret of Happiness

By L. Alfred James Starting in 1988, with a study by Martin Seligman, the academic world discovered something very disturbing about American culture. A seismic shift took place in the generations following the Silent Generation (1928-1945). The shift began with

Warning: You Might Be Wasting Your Life

By L. Alfred James Human beings can find their identity in some very weird things. A former classmate once told me that his uncle was the world champion in wellie boot throwing (also known as “wellie wanging”). Apparently, this uncle

Jesus Is Offensive And That’s A Good Thing

By L. Alfred James Before I was married, I rarely went on a date. But in my dating experiences I discovered something important about relationships: In order for a woman to be attractive to me, I need her to occasionally

How Could God Make People So Selfish?

By L. Alfred James A few weeks ago, we saw how the reality evil is actually evidence for God’s existence. But I’m willing to go farther than that in the claims I’m making. For I believe it can be demonstrated

Can Atheists Condemn the Crusades?

By L. Alfred James Atheists are often very loud in their condemnations of atrocities, particularly if professing Christians committed them. They thunder against the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, and especially the crusades, pronouncing them utterly immoral. However, there is

Evil and Suffering: Evidence for God

By L. Alfred James The title of this article might strike you as click-bait, or an attempt to be funny. But my intentions are both sincere and utterly serious. Believe it or not, the evil that exists in the world

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