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How Could God Make People So Selfish?

By L. Alfred James A few weeks ago, we saw how the reality evil is actually evidence for God’s existence. But I’m willing to go farther than that in the claims I’m making. For I believe it can be demonstrated that the evil streak we see in humanity is actually evidence for the God of the Bible. That is, the presence of evil doesn’t just point to God’s existence, it also points to his identity. How could that be? It’s actually a rather simple argument. As we’ve seen, there is … Read More »

Can Atheists Condemn the Crusades?

By L. Alfred James Atheists are often very loud in their condemnations of atrocities, particularly if professing Christians committed them. They thunder against the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, and especially the crusades, pronouncing them utterly immoral. However, there is something important you need to know about these pronouncements. Whenever you hear them, it is perfectly appropriate to ask, “How do you know that?” Or, “What’s your basis for saying that?” NOTE: This is simply a request for intellectual justification, a request you can make anytime anyone asserts anything: “JFK … Read More »