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Evil and Suffering: Evidence for God

By L. Alfred James The title of this article might strike you as click-bait, or an attempt to be funny. But my intentions are both sincere and utterly serious. Believe it or not, the evil that exists in the world is actually evidence that supports the Christian worldview. In my last article I demonstrated how, if atheism is true, there is no such thing as objective right and wrong. That is, atheists have no justification for morally condemning anything, even murder. William Lane Craig makes this point very succinctly: If … Read More »

Which Monster Are You?

By L. Alfred James In my previous article we compared two different theories about human nature. The most popular theory claims that human beings are born morally pure. The only reason they do bad things is because of the evil influences of their environment (e.g., a greedy society, a flawed education, harsh circumstances, etc.). The Christian theory claims that human beings have an evil streak within them; they are fallen. They do bad things because they have a nature that has been corrupted, a nature that has been changed from … Read More »