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Is Christianity A Gamble?

By L. Alfred James “You are giving up so many things. You don’t act the way you used to. And now you spend so much time with Christians. And you give a lot of your money to your church, and also give money to the poor. That’s all cool, if that’s what you are really into. But I just wonder if it’s a good idea. How do you know it’s all true? How do you know you aren’t wasting your life on a lie? I mean, you don’t know for … Read More »

How Should Christians Respond to Christians Who Affirm the Homosexual Lifestyle?

By Elias Ayala (MDiv & M.A.T.) This is indeed a very controversial question. However, believers committed to a Christian world and life view that is grounded in scripture cannot afford to side-step these issues for the sake of comfort. It is very uncomfortable to talk about these issues, and indeed, sharing our thoughts from a biblical perspective can often lead to hot-headed arguments and disagreements. However, Jesus and the apostles were often embroiled in controversy over the hot-button topics of their day, and so we should be willing to do … Read More »