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3 Tips on Debating Unbelievers

By Elias Ayala (MDiv & M.A.T.) 1) Stay Committed to your Christian Convictions: Recognizing that there is no neutrality between the believer and unbeliever is extremely important. Indeed, we see and understand the world in a completely different way than the unbeliever. We see and understand all things as created by God and hence all things are given their proper meaning and interpretation by God Himself. We do not engage with the unbeliever as though this is not true. For the believer, all things have the meaning and connections that … Read More »

The Disciples’ Belief in Jesus’ Resurrection

By L. Alfred James We are currently in a series of blog posts that provide an intellectual pathway for moving someone (or yourself) all the way from hardcore atheism to biblical Christianity. In the past couple of weeks we have seen that the evidence for Jesus’ empty tomb is quite formidable, and the evidence for Jesus appearing to the disciples (after his death) is so persuasive that even atheistic scholars admit that there is something to it. But there is another piece of evidence that makes the case for the … Read More »

Logic and Faith

By Elysia McColley If faith is being certain of what is not seen and logic is a mode of reasoning consistent with natural law, then don’t the two stand in diametrical opposition two each other? Aren’t logic and faith contradictory ideas? Maybe at first sight, but not when you look at them in terms of how God reveals Himself to humanity. Theologians have identified two ways in which God reveals Himself, general revelation and special revelation. Looking at logic through the lens of general revelation and faith through that of … Read More »