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Will We Dream In Heaven?

This seems like an odd question, but I nonetheless would like to briefly provide an answer. This question was posed while Dan Buttafuoco was promoting his new book “Consider the Evidence”; a book that you need to definitely get your hands on. While this question does not seem to have any significant importance, it does allow us to reflect upon the nature of our heavenly existence, and our existence post resurrection. According to the biblical teaching, death is not non-existence. The Bible clearly teaches a conscious existence after death (Luke … Read More »

How Does One Avoid Being Dogmatic?

You can’t! I could end the article here since my simple response answers the question. However, I am sure readers will demand an explanation. Fair enough. One cannot avoid being dogmatic in theology, apologetics, philosophy, science, or in any intellectual enterprise. The reality is that we all begin our reasoning somewhere. If we desire to avoid an infinite regression of justifications for each and every belief that we have, we must begin our thinking at a dogmatic first principle. A first principle that is an absolute given. Without this first … Read More »