Trinity vs. Tawhid

David Wood vs. Mohammed Hajib – My Response to a Muslims 4 Questions On November 7th, 2018, I attended a debate at York College between a Christian (David Wood) and […]

Learning From Those With Whom We Disagree

Theological and philosophical dispute is the norm in our world today. Indeed, this is understandable and warranted given the foundational nature of theology and philosophy. Given that theology pertains to […]

Should Christians Engage in Politics?

Religion and politics are two topics that are sure to cause conflict and controversy. Especially in our current political climate; a climate in which people are very easily offended and […]

Consider the Evidence Book Review

Consider the Evidence: A Trial Lawyer Examines the Eyewitnesses in Defense of the Reliability of the New Testament – An Apologist’s Thoughts As an apologist, I deal frequently with evidence […]