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Who Are We To Pick & Choose What We Want From the Early Church Fathers?

Responding to a Question: “We get much or our systematic theology from the early Church Fathers. Who are we to pick and choose what we want from the early Church Fathers?” While I greatly respect the contributions of the early Church Fathers, I have no reason to believe that they were infallible and inerrant. There are many points at which the early Church Fathers were in clear error and at odds with scriptural teaching. On the other hand, they have greatly contributed to Christian truth and theology. The Bible itself … Read More »

What Is the Role of Storytelling in Apologetics?

Storytelling can play a powerful role in apologetics. Consider the fact that storytelling is perhaps the primary means by which God has chosen to convey a large portion of His written revelation to us. While the Bible does not consist of only storytelling, It heavily relies upon story to push forward God’s redemptive purposes within the context of His workings with Israel, and by extension, the world. There is a reason why the stories of the Bible have captivated the minds of billions. While the Bible is very much a … Read More »

Can You Defend Your Worldview Based on Something Other Than the Bible?

I received this question while on a Q & A panel at an Apologetics conference. I had just finished giving a talk on the topic of the superiority of the Christian worldview; and so I had placed great emphasis and importance on the “biblical framework” when interpreting and understanding reality. So I would like to clarify my position on the use of the Bible when defending the Christian worldview. I do not typically quote scripture to the unbeliever when I am sharing my faith, although, I do believe there is … Read More »

Do Young Earth Creationists Deny Science?

First, how is one defining science? If science is a method of investigating the natural world, then no, YEC’s do not deny science. However, if one defines science in such a way that necessitates the exclusion of God, then yes. For the biblical Christian, there is no area of thought that is conceived of as independent from the triune God who provides the necessary foundation for all intellectual endeavors. The Christian does not agree with the much assumed methodological atheism/agnosticism that is inherent in secular scientific methodology. For many, science … Read More »