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Protestant Vs. Catholic – Do the Differences Matter?

Protestants and Catholics have been debating their differences since the time of the Reformation. Throughout history, the debates have often gotten to the point of violence and vehemence towards one another. Even today, in Ireland, that which separates Protestants and Catholics often manifest in outward violence thus bringing about both social and political tension. However, are the differences between the Protestants and Catholics significant to warrant such violent disagreement between the two groups? Well on the one hand, while the differences do in fact matter, and I would argue, they … Read More »

Why Did God Place Adam and Eve in The Garden Knowing that they Would Fall into Sin?

This question has often perplexed many both believer and unbeliever alike. It is deceptively simple yet the answer to the question, if there be an adequate answer causes one to reflect upon both God’s revealed will and His secret council. Hence, as I have reflected upon this question I understand the answer to be found both in God’s revealed Word and in an appeal to mystery. First, the appeal to God’s revelation. One can glean an answer to this question not necessarily in the story of Adam and Eve itself, … Read More »

The Importance of Recognizing the Reality of Spiritual Warfare

The Bible teaches “For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” -Ephesians 6:12 It is clear that the work of expanding the kingdom of God and living the life that is Christ centered is a spiritual affair, and not merely an intellectual pursuit as we seek to provide apologetic responses to various forms of unbelief. The spiritual element involves rulers, authorities, cosmic powers and … Read More »

Is God Prideful for Demanding Worship?

It is often leveled against the God of the Bible that He is petty and prideful since He requires of His creation that they worship and praise Him. Apparently God needs His ego tickled with the praises and adoration of those that have been created in His image. It is true, that God demands worship and praise. Surely, as the creator of all things, and the giver and sustainer of life He is worthy of such praise, worship and adoration. But is God prideful for demanding such response from His … Read More »